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A Sunheater solar pool heating system will raise the temperature of your pool water by up to 10 F (6 C). or more. It is lightweight, durable and easy to install. Water simply flows through the SunHeaters many tubes via your existing pool pump where it is heated by the sun and returned to your pool.
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CoverFree Liquid Solar Blanket Natural Chemistry Cover Free Liquid Solar Pool Blanket 32 Oz.

Cover Free is an advanced mono-layer technology that helps save water and money by decreasing evaporation

Our Price: $27.00
Solar Heating Control Hayward Solar Controller GL235 Hayward Solar Pool Controller GL-235 Controller

Hayward Solar Heating Controller GL-235

Our Price: $204.00
Sale Price: $185.00
Savings: $19.00
Pentair SolarTouch Controller 521590 Pentair SolarTouch Controller 521590

Controller only 521590

Our Price: $243.00
Hayward Goldline Solar Controller GLC-2P-A Hayward Goldline Automatic Solar Controller GLC-2P-A

GLC-2P-A Includes control, valve, actuator and 2 sensors

Our Price: $314.00
Sale Price: $275.00
Savings: $39.00
Pentair SolarTouch System 521592 Pentair SolarTouch Control System 521592

521592 includes solar valve, sensors and actuator

Our Price: $297.00
Sale Price: $279.00
Savings: $18.00
Pentair SolarTouch System 521632 Pentair SolarTouch Control System 521632

521632 SolarTouch Solar System with 3-Way Valve, Valve Actuator, and 2 Temp Sensors (water and solar)

Our Price: $308.00
Sale Price: $279.00
Savings: $29.00