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We carry a full line of Aquarite Goldline parts. Most parts in stock for fast delivery. Hayward now owns Goldline.
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Hayward Aquarite Aquatrol Cell Cleaning Stand GLX-CELL-STAND Hayward Aquarite GLX-CELLSTAND Cell Cleaning Stand

Keep your salt cell clean with this easy to use stand

Our Price: 25.00
Hayward Fuse Holder Kit GLX-FUSE-20 Hayward Goldline 20A Fuse Holder Kit GLX-FUSE-20

Hayward Goldline GLX-FUSE-20 AquaRite Salt Chlorine Generator Fuse Holder with Fuse

  • 1 fuse holder
  • 1 1/2 washer
  • 2 20A Slo-Blo fuses

Our Price: 35.00
Hayward Aquarite GLX-CELL-PIPE Dummy Cell Hayward Aquarite Dummy CellGLX-CELL-PIPE

Keep your salt cell lasting longer with this bypass cell

Our Price: 38.00
Hayward Aquarite GLX-CELL-UNION 2-Unions 2" (Pair) Hayward Aquarite GLX-CELL-UNION 2 Unions 2" Pack of Two

Hayward Aquarite GLX-CELL-UNIONS  2 inch - Set Of Two

Our Price: 42.00
Hayward Electrical Kit For Controllers E-Kit Hayward Electrical Kit For Controllers E-Kit

Make the install of your new ssytem easy.

Our Price: 59.00
Hayward Flow Switch GLX-FLO-RP Hayward Aqua Rite Aqua Trol Flow Switch GLX-FLO-RP

AquaRite Hayward Goldline Aqua Rite Salt Generator Flow Switch GLX-FLO-RP

Our Price: $65.00
Sale Price: 60.00
Savings: $5.00
Hayward Aquarite GLXPCBDSP Display Board GLX-PCB-DSP Hayward Aquarite Goldline GLX-PCB-DSP Display Board

Aqua Rite Digital Display Board for Aqua Rite and Aquatrol models

Our Price: 85.00
Hayward Goldline GLX-FLO Hayward Goldline Flow Switch GLX-FLO With Tee

This includes the flow switch, the easy install plumbing tee

Our Price: 105.00
Hayward Goldline PKit Flow Switch P-Kit Hayward Goldline P-KIT Flow Switch GLX-FLO-RP

This includes the flow switch, the easy install plumbing t and 2 replacement unions to facilitate replacement

Our Price: 125.00
AquaRite Goldline ProLogic Hayward Transformer GLX-XFMR Hayward AquaRite Goldline Hayward Transformer GLX-XFMR

Factory Original Hayward Part GLX-XFMR transformer

Our Price: 145.00
Hayward Aquarite GLX-PCB-RITE Main Circuit Board Hayward AquaRite Goldline Main Circuit Board GLX-PCB-RITE

Hayward Aquarite Goldline GLX-PCB-RITE AquaRite Salt Chlorine Generator Main Circuit Board

Our Price: $189.00
Sale Price: 185.00
Savings: $4.00
Aquatrol GLX-PCB-TROL-HP Main Circuit Board Hayward Aquatrol Goldline Main Circuit Board GLX-PCB-TROL-HP

Hayward Goldline GLX-PCB-TROL-HP Aquatrol Salt Chlorine Generator Main Circuit Board

Our Price: 230.00
Hayward Aquarite GLX-PCB-TROL-RJ Main Circuit Board AquaRite Hayward Goldline Aquatrol Circuit Board GLX-PCB-TROL-RJ

Hayward Aquatrol  Salt Chlorine Generator Main Circuit Board

Our Price: 230.00
Goldline Aqua Logic GLX-PCB-MAIN Circuit Board Hayward Goldline Aqua Logic Main Circuit Board GLX-PCB-MAIN

Newest Version 2.90 - Upgrade your board to run all cells and the new Ecostar variable speed pumps.

Our Price: 385.00
Goldline Aqua Logic GLX-PCB-PRO Circuit Board Hayward Goldline Pro Logic Main Circuit Board GLX-PCB-PRO

Aquarite GLX-PCB-PRO Factory Original Includes Shipping

Our Price: 425.00
Goldline GLX-PCB-AR-PRO Circuit Board Hayward Aquarite Pro Main Circuit Board GLX-PCB-AR-PRO

GLX-PCB-AR-PRO are for the Aquarite Pro models only

Our Price: 440.00
Hayward AquaRite AQR GLX-CTL-RITE Hayward AQR AquaRite Salt Water Controller GLX-CTL-RITE

Hayward Aquarite Chlorine Generator Salt System Controller - Replace your AQR controller that will run all 3 Hayward salt cells

Our Price: 599.00