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ControlOMatic TechniChlor Hot Tub Spa Saltwater System
ControlOMatic TechniChlor Spa Salt Water System

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For Spas and Hot Tubs up to 1000 gallons

The TechniChlor uses the same "no buttons", "no moving parts", LED indicator technology as its counterpart ColorChlor, but is conveniently built for spas that already feature programmable light show entertainment. TechniChlor is a spa chlorine generator specifically designed for consumers that are just looking for pure chlorination.

Save time and money with TechniChlor, while it takes care of your sanitation needs! TechniChlor is designed for spas up to 1000 gallons and can produce up to 30 grams of chlorine per day.

Uses “Tap Technology”, you simply tap the side of the cell on the white rubber cap to put it into boost mode or to set the power level. You can also set the power level by cycling the power with the cell out of the water eliminating the need to tap the cell.

It can be a challenge to to keep the water in your spa or hot tub crystal clear and odor free. If you forget to add chlorine or bromine for a single day or the chlorine feeder runs out and you don’t refill it that could lead to spa problems. Due to the higher temperature of the water the chemical balance is critical to be continuously maintained to keep it safe. Proper spa maintenance leads to your spa being safe when you want to use it. Even if the water looks good you should measure the chemical balance before use. Spa chlorine generators can greatly reduce spa problems and spa maintenance as they continuously make chlorine (or bromine) every day so you don’t have to. The TechniChlor makes chlorine on a 3 hour cycle. Every 3 hours it starts making chlorine, and based on the power level it will turn off at some point in that 3 hours and remain in standby mode, then at the next 3 hours it will start again. If you use your spa and let the TechniChlor know by tapping it, then the TechniChlor will be put into boost mode and increase chlorine production for a period of time reducing the need to shock the water every time after spa use.

The TechniChlor requires a GFCI 110 VAC outlet that is within ten feet of the spa and has a rain-tight protective cover.


Spas & Hot Tubs To 1000 Gallons
Chlorine production 30 grams per day
110 VAC Outlet That is GFCI Protected
Weather Protection Required At Power Source

Included In Purchase:

15' Power cord, low 5Vdc power 110/220 vac power supply
Salt & Chlorine Test Strips, 10 tests each
1-Year Limited Warranty
Owners Manual and cable clip

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