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SGS Wave Salt Chlorinator 20,000 Gallons | 1FIN-WAVE20
SGS Wave residential Chlorinator 20,000 Gallons

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Product Code: 1FIN-WAVE20

Salt Chlorinator for pool up to 20,000 Gallons

The Wave Series cell consists of coated titanium blades that are each individually powered, also known as series wiring. The spacing between the cell blades is more than ¼” and the cell is independent of the visible cell housing. The wave series is a low maintenance system that reverses polarity every six hours of operation, causing the blades to shed most of the calcium that might accumulate. Because of the increased spacing between the electrodes, occasional cleaning, when necessary, is accomplished with the flat wood stick (the SGS Magic Wand) that is included with each system. There is no need to use the acid/water solution that is necessary for most other salt system designs. This cleaning procedure is safer and less cumbersome for the pool owner, and extends the life of the cell considerably.

The clear cell housing (made of Mitsubishi Shinkolite Acrylic, which will not discolor in the sunlight or crack under normal use) also offers substantial advantages: the homeowner can easily visually inspect the cell to see if there is calcium buildup while the system is operating and can also see chlorine as it is being produced. Its large body design, with 2” inlet and outlet, allows for higher water flow and reduced backpressure.

Another distinct advantage of the Wave Series design is its run time and method of chlorine generation. When the Wave system is set at 60 %, although the electrical current to the cell is 60 % of maximum capacity, the water is shocked 100 % of the time that the system is on. With the overwhelming majority of our competitor’s chlorinators, a 60 % setting refers to the run cycle—their systems are only producing chlorine 60 % of the time that the system is on. Furthermore, when the latter systems turn back on, extra strain is put on the coated titanium electrodes—this hard “boot” shortens the life of the cell. When the Wave Series is activated (only when the pump turns on), it powers up through a soft boot, in which the power is applied gradually to the cell, minimizing cell damage.

Ease of Installation, Operation and Maintenance

The inline systems have a three-part installation process: the inline flow sensor, the power pack/control center and the cell. The Wave Series has a passive flow censor on the cell; hence, a two part installation process. Calcium and debris buildup on the flow sensor of the inline systems is another issue that can cause problems, which are avoided with the ability to clean the sensor and the cell at the same time with the “Magic Wand.”

The Wave Series is designed for simple operation, and is the most robust, dependable and productive residential chlorine generator on the market. In the demanding environment of a swimming pool, more complicated systems with complex programming or intricate electronic controls can cause headaches and higher expense to the pool owner. As an example, other systems with “salt readers” are actually measuring conductivity in the water. As water temperatures rise (especially above 90 degrees), the conductivity changes disproportionately—which often causes low salt readings. If the homeowner adds salt to the pool with a limited salt range system, a slightly higher salt level will shut down that system. The pool then has to be partially drained to lower the salt level to the acceptable range—a vicious and expensive cycle.

The Wave Series has one of the broadest operating salt ranges in the industry. On the high side, it can even be run on a seawater pool, and in many commercial applications is run at 6,000 PPM. Like most other systems, it has the same lower level of 3,000 PPM. Constant monitoring of salt level because of narrow range, the bane of many other salt systems, is not necessary with the Wave Series Chlorinator.

The Wave Series is a commercially engineered system, with a powder coated aluminum heat sink as the entire base of the control center. This disperses the heat that wreaks havoc with all electronic systems and allows the system to run more efficiently—it just makes chlorine. The only option for the pool owner is to increase or decrease sanitizer output, depending on the needs of the pool. The Wave Series is simple to install, ultra easy to operate and easier to clean than any other salt system in the industry.

The SGS Wave Series
1FIN-WAVE20 is for pools up to 20,000 Gallons.
Covered by a manufacture 5 year warranty. Full replacement for the first 2 years and years 3,4, and 5 are pro rated at 60%.


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