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Hayward Omnilogic HL-CHEM Sense and Dispense
Hayward OmniLogic HL-CHEM

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Product Code: HL-CHEM

The Hayward HL-CHEM Optional fully integrated chemistry automation with Sense and Dispense

The HL-CHEM is an ORP and pH sensing kit that is offered as an accessory for all OmniLogic® pool automation controls. With the HL-CHEM, the OmniLogic can provide a fully integrated chemistry solution for your pool. The HL-CHEM continuously tests the pool's sanitization and pH levels allowing the OmniLogic to automatically generate the correct amount of chlorine and dispense the proper amount of pH reducer. Together, they provide an automated system controlling both sanitization and pH balance. The HL-CHEM comes with two pigtails (120 VAC and 240 VAC) for connection to a pH reducing device like a peristaltic pump or solenoid valve (not included) that requires a line cord receptacle. For easy integration, Hayward offers the AQL-CHEM2 (120 VAC) and AQL-CHEM2-240 (240 VAC) CO2 dispense kit that plugs into the pigtail and will reduce the pool's pH level by injecting CO2 into the pool water.

What's Included The HL-CHEM comes with everything needed to allow the OmniLogic to sense ORP and pH levels. The following is a description of the included components: Professional Grade ORP probe - Samples water from the pool filtration system and sends signals to the OmniLogic indicating the oxidation-reduction potential (redox) of the pool water. ORP is an actual measurement of sanitizer activity and bacteriological water quality rather than an expression of chemical residual levels. ORP is not fooled by the effects of pH, TDS (total dissolved solids) and other factors giving a more accurate measurement of the effectiveness of chlorine and water quality. Professional Grade pH probe - Samples water from the pool filtration system and sends signals to the OmniLogic indicating the acidity of the water. When used with a Hayward AQL-CHEM2 or other pH dispensing device, the OmniLogic can keep the pool water's pH level balanced. Probe Cell - The Probe Cell is used to house the probes and provide a location for water collection and testing. Two hoses are provided to connect the Probe Cell to the supply and return sides of the pool filtration system. The Probe Cell can be mounted directly to the OmniLogic or remote mounted in the vicinity of the control (restricted by the length of the probe wiring). pH Dispense Pigtails - The pH Dispense pigtails provide a plug-in receptacle for the AQL-CHEM2, AQL-CHEM2-240 or other pH related dispensing device (peristaltic pumps, solenoid valves, etc.) that will be controlled by the OmniLogic. Various Hardware - The HL-CHEM includes the necessary tubing, tubing connectors and mounting hardware to complete the installation. Compatibility The HL-CHEM is compatible with the OmniLogic pool control. An AQL-CL chemistry kit must be used with the OmniLogic if automatic chlorine generation is desired.

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